You Only Live Once, So Do It Right

My names Kalin andd im 16 years old. I live in a shit hole town in new york. High school has got to be the worst thing thats every happened to me. I once felll in love and learned that you cant fall for somebody that isnt ready to catch you. My favorite color is yellow. Im obsessed with vera bradley. Ive been taking dance classes for 13 years. My ihpone is pretty much myy life. I honestly dont have that one best friend that i can tell everyone too. girls are bitches. i love to playy volleyball and when i grow upp i wanna own my own bakery and calll it "Kayys Kupcakes". When i graduate high school, my dream is to move to new york city. I have a fear of being raped and i hardly trust anyybodyy. But anywayy, anything that i post on here probably isnt myy own, unless i state otherwise :) by the wayyy, I ALWAYS FOLLOW BACK

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